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FileScanAPI offers a robust solution for malware detection. Simply upload a file directly to our platform, or direct us to a file's URL, and our API service will analyze it. We deliver an API response in real-time that identifies potential malware threats, ensuring your digital environment remains secure.

  • Email Security:
    Integrate FileScanAPI with your email server to automatically scan all attachments for malware before they reach the inbox. This helps prevent the spread of viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software through email communications.
  • Web Application Security:
    Use FileScanAPI to check files uploaded by users to your web application. This ensures that uploaded content, such as images, documents, and other file types, is free of malware and safe for storage and sharing.
  • Cloud Storage Scanning:
    For businesses that utilize cloud storage solutions, FileScanAPI can scan files as they are uploaded or updated in cloud storage, providing continuous protection against malware infiltration in shared storage environments.
  • Automated System Backups:
    Before backing up system files, use FileScanAPI to scan them for malware. This prevents the risk of backing up infected files, which could spread malware when the backups are restored.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS):
    Integrate FileScanAPI with your CMS to scan all user-generated content for malware. This is crucial for platforms that allow users to upload content, ensuring the website remains safe for all visitors.
  • File Sharing Services:
    For services that facilitate file sharing, implementing FileScanAPI ensures that all shared files are scanned for malware, maintaining the integrity of the service and protecting users from downloading infected files.

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